Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1970 Plymouth RoadRunner GTX (GMP)

A very highly detailed and heavy model by GMP. This model has almost every part so detailed that it weights around 2kg. It has a realistic metal leaf springs, fully plumbed engine, and even a shiftable gear knob (although for some reason mine isn't working), extensible antenna, opening compartments inside, and even windows that roll up and down. So far the most detailed and heaviest model I've come across.

Notice the realistic metal hinges supporting the bonnet.

Notice the rear metal leaf springs. and they behave like real ones too.

Here's the most interesting part, notice the windows are now rolled up.

By turning the roller, the window rolls down just like real ones.

Found a black Kyosho RX-7 on ebay earlier and bought it with a very cheap price. Though with some slight defect, I couldn't care less. Am so 'turned on' by it now.

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  1. Interesting car, very nice details...
    I like the windows that's roll up and down...