Friday, April 17, 2009

Mazda RX-7 FD3S (Kyosho)

The FD3S by Kyosho, with a red and a silver in the rare 5spokes wheels version.
Had the best professional photographer wannabe to come over for a photo session, with her unzoomable SLR lens.

I took some shots with a normal digicam as I find out she cant see what i see.

Thanks for coming over. The photoshop editions are very goood! learn more about her here. She feels more comfortable to be behind the camera than in front.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Speed-Syndicate is a company professionalized in high performance vehicle tunings. My late uncle EiSong somehow joined the group as one of the partners and opened up another garage at San Francisco in 2007. People ask why America? It was a dream to be able to join the group and start learning while I am studying there and I almost had it. But then shit always happens in my life, all the while, in almost everything. Just before I could lodge any application uncle passed away in a heart attack, and that literally puts an end to everything I've dreamt of. Sometimes you think about what ifs so badly when you really want everything to be back just like before. There's really nothing much left to be remembered and fantasized about, and there it goes, Speed-Syndicate.

Some pics I got it off him when he first bought all these babies: Rx7, 300ZX, GTO and 350Z. He's a big fan of Japanese twin turbos. He told me excitedly that the last addition to his collections will be another Supra, which he nev
er had the chance to do so, and I never had the chance to feel them. Fantasies.